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Voxinfo is authorized dealer of National Payment Plc

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Credit card is accepted by OTP, the leading bank in Hungary
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The Voxinfo LLC was founded in 1996 as a wholly Hungarian-owned company. Our company has been an active participant in infocommunication since 2000. We offer a wide range of online payment services for our partners. We support the online trading of our partners by meeting customized needs and offer competitive prices, whether through a webshop or a web service. 

We consider the concept of “Here and now” as especially important in electronic trading. This is exactly why we are constantly developing our micro-payment technology, which offers a safe, fast and reliable payment options ranging from SMS to virtual money. 

One of the key objectives of our company is to keep pace with the most recent developments in infocommunication. We keep following the most advanced trends and paradigms in the world of the Internet and Information Technology and use applications based on them to promote their wide-scale expansion. 

Voxinfo LLC 
Address: 1037 Budapest, Bécsi út 269. 
Telephone: (06-1) 225-7603 
Email: info[at] 

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