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Voxinfo is authorized dealer of National Payment Plc

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Credit card is accepted by OTP, the leading bank in Hungary
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Data protection

The protection of personal data provided by visitors to the website is of key importance for the Voxinfo LLC. The company will treat the personal data of customers confidentially in compliance with the effective regulations and ensure their safety. It takes the technical and organizational measures and puts the procedural rules in place that are necessary for enforcing the applicable regulations and other recommendations.

The Voxinfo LLC shall record the email address of the Customer during registration that is necessary for purchasing a highway sticker. The Customer agrees that their email address can be used by the Voxinfo LLC for sending out electronic newsletters. The Voxinfo LLC shall treat the personal data disclosed during the purchase of a highway sticker in accord with the provisions of Act LXIII of 1992 on the protection of personal data and the and the publicity of data of public interest. By sending their personal data to Voxinfo, the Customer thereby agrees to Voxinfo’s recording and handing such data – for the purpose and the time defined by the nature of the transaction. Voxinfo shall comply with all data protection practices for Customers during the purchase of a highway sticker. is operated by the Voxinfo LLC. The company’s data management registration number: NAIH-64161/2013

Barion Pixel

Barion Pixel: A java script-based measurement code that is placed on the Merchant Website and tracks the activity of Website visitors with the help of cookies placed in the Website visitors' browsers. After placing the cookie on the website visitor's device, Barion Pixel transmits data about website visitors and their browsing habits directly to the Service Provider's server. The Service Provider uses these data for fraud prevention purposes for risk analysis and assessment (Barion Data Management Information Section 5.4), as well as for marketing purposes to examine the personalized behavior of advertisements and recommendations (Barion Data Management Information Section 5.12) as described in the current Barion Data Management Information Sheet. There are two versions of Barion Pixel: Barion Pixel Basic Version and Barion Pixel Full Version.

Barion Pixel Basic Version: The version of Barion Pixel that collects data for risk analysis and assessment exclusively for fraud prevention purposes.

Barion Pixel Full Version: The version of Barion Pixel that collects data both for fraud prevention purposes for risk analysis and assessment, and for marketing purposes to examine behavioral habits in order to personalize advertisements and recommendations

If the lifetime of the cookie is defined from the last update, it means that each visit extends the cookie's expiration by 1.5 years from the last visit. Data collection from the extension does not require consent. Data management is the legitimate interest of Barion Payment Zrt. for the purpose of fraud prevention. More information here.
Other technologies: Digital browser fingerprint: Aims to filter out fraudulent sessions based on visitor behavior and their browser fingerprint. It helps us to identify browsers on each device. We use this on the given website and on the websites of other merchants who use the Barion Smart Gateway. More details can be found in chapter 5.4 of the data management information.

Data processing partners
as a user for Barion Marketing Cloud and Barion Pixel

DataMe Kft. 1118 Budapest, Ugron Gábor utca 35.
DataMe Kft., 1118 Budapest, Ugron Gábor utca 35.
Dentsu Hungary Kft., 1027 Budapest, Kacsa utca 15-23.
GroupM, 1123 Budapest, Alkotás utca 53. MOM Park, B/1. floor
Matterkind CEE, 1082 Budapest, Vajdahunyad utca 41.
Vodafone Hungary, 1096 Budapest, Lechner Ödön fasor 6.