Hungarian highway vignette prices in 2024 - Current fee categories


  National Region
Fee category 1 day 10 days 1 month 1 year Region
D1M 2 570 HUF 3 200 HUF 5 180 HUF 57 260 HUF 6 660 HUF
D1 5 150 HUF 6 400 HUF 10 360 HUF 57 260 HUF 6 660 HUF
D2 7 310 HUF 9 310 HUF 14 670 HUF 81 280 HUF 13 330 HUF
U 5 150 HUF 6 400 HUF 10 360 HUF 57 260 HUF 6 660 HUF

The above amounts are the gross fees, that is, they contain the value added tax. When purchasing a vignette, regardless of the payment method, you will be charged a transactional fee which will appear during the payment process when choosing the payment method.

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Vehicle categories

Vehicles and trailers are categorized according to the following: 

Coding in registration, “J” field* Definition Fee category
M1 Personal vehicle D1 (in the case of vehicles suitable for transporting up to 7 persons)
M1 Personal vehicle D2 ( in the case of vehicles suitable for transporting more than 7 persons)
N1 Freight vehicle D2 (up to a total weight of 3,5 t )
O1 trailer U (maximum total weight of the largest permitted trailer is  750 kg)
O2 trailer U (trailer is over 750 kg, up to 3,5 t)

* Based on  KöHÉM Regulation 5/1990. (IV. 12.) on the technical inspection of vehicles.

The official entry in the vehicle registration indicating the number of persons that may be transported in the vehicle (S.1 – number of seats including the driver) and not the actual number of seats in the vehicle.

In the case of D2 category vehicle, if they are towing, a U category vignette must be purchased for the trailer for the license plate of the trailer.

D1 vehicles of a maximum permitted total weight of 3,5 t are divided into two categories according to size. E-vignettes for personal vehicles with 5+2 seats may be purchased at the same price. Minivans, mobile homes suitable for transporting more passengers as well as commercial vehicles will be categorized as D2.

In the future road use of trailers must also be paid for on toll roads if they are not towed by a category D1 personal vehicle, this is called category U.

Unauthorized road use in Hungary - motorway penalty rates, surcharges

Under the current legislation, the e-vignette must always be redeemed before entering the toll section (practically before the journey). The subsequent purchase of an e-vignette does not give retroactive entitlement to use the toll road, and therefore a surcharge is payable aHUFer the toll section has been used. An exception is the 60-minute grace period, which exempts from the penalty if the sticker is purchased within 60 minutes of the start of the toll period. It is very important to know that all e-vignette information must be entered correctly to qualify registration number, country code, fee category and validity period.

Penalties and surcharge differentials in 2024


For unauthorized use of the road, the owner or operator must pay a surcharge corresponding to the category of vehicle. From 1 January 2024, the penalties sand surcharge differentials for unauthorized use of the road will be as follows:

Fee category Basic surcharge (if paid within 60 days) Increased surcharge (for payments over 60 days)
D1, D1M, D2, U 21 830 HUF 87 270 HUF

Surcharge differentials

Fee category purchased Fee category applicable to a vehicle Amount of surcharge difference for payment within 60 days Amount of surcharge difference for payment over 60 days
D1, U D2 10 990 HUF 44 000 HUF


Additional surcharge for trailers

If the towing vehicle and its trailer (tariff category U) in tariff category D2 are not authorized to use the road, there will be only one surcharge to be paid by the operator or owner of the towing vehicle, not two. Even if the towing vehicle has a right to use the road and the towing vehicle does not have a right to use the road, the keeper or the owner is still liable to pay the surcharge.

I have a vignette, yet I was fined!

Before making a complaint, it is worth checking the details of the surcharge against the confirmation and the ticket you received when you bought your toll vignette. You may be fined for unauthorized use in the following cases:

Incorrect fee category

For example, a weekly or monthly D1 instead of D2 entitlement for a car carrying more than 7 people.

Incorrect license plate number

The license plate number was mistyped during the purchase, so the registration number on the confirmation of purchase does not match the actual registration number. Up to a difference of 3 characters - within 60 calendar days from the beginning of the validity date of the right to use the road, or within 60 days from the receipt of the surcharge notice for the wrong number plate - it is possible to have the correct number plate fixed at the offices of NÚSZ Zrt. No fee is payable if the characters "0" (zero) and "O" and the characters "I" and "1" are interchanged.

We did not pay attention to the validity period of the e-vignette

If the validity date of the motorway vignette you bought has not yet started or has expired while you were using a toll road. The exact place and date are also indicated on the fine you received - make sure you check this.

Incorrect country code

The registration country code on the confirmation of purchase is not the same as the actual registration country code on the vehicle license plate.

County vignette penalty

If you are entitled to a county vignette, it is valid up to the first intersection in the direction of the county and the bordering counties. Unless you also have a weekly or monthly e-vignette for the period in question, you will incur a penalty for using the toll road network outside the specified junctions.

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