Drive seamlessly into the New Year on the Hungarian highways!

2023. 11. 14. 13:23:49

We are running into the last months of the year. It may be worth planning ahead now and preparing for our future travels. If you already know that you are planning a trip to Hungary next year, it is worth to find out more about the roads subject to road tolls and the types of vignettes available.

Hungarian highway vignettes

If you are in Hungary, you should know that most highways and expressways are subject to toll roads. Before you depart, remember to buy a vignette to avoid potential fines. Make sure you buy the appropriate highways vignette for your vehicle category! 

Hungarian highway vignettes may be purchased for several terms. Before you depart, it is worth to calculate in advance which type of vignette is most practical for you. For those who are just travelling through the country or planning a shorter holiday, a ten-day vignette may be the most practical choice at the moment, but from March, we can expect the introduction of the one-day vignette in Hungary.  

The Region vignette may be beneficial for those who regularly visit a region in the country. This type of vignette is valid from the date of purchase until 31st January of the following year. Those who regularly use several sections of Hungarian highways, may want to consider buying an 1 year vignette, which also expires on 31st January of the year following the actual year.


December pre-sale on the Hungarian highways 

Would you rather avoid queuing at the beginning of the year at vignette sales points? As a business customer, would you like to account the cost of your highway vignette as an item for this year? Plan ahead and buy your vignette this year! The 2024 national 1 year and Region vignette sales will start in December. But note that the national 1 year and Region vignettes you buy in December are only valid from 1st January and cannot be used in December yet.  

If you prefer to complete your purchase quickly and easily, choose the online e-vignette purchase, which allows you to buy the desired highway vignette in just a few clicks.

Drive seamlessly into the New Year on the Hungarian highways!
Highway vignette
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