Everything about the Hungarian one-day highway vignette

2024. 01. 29. 14:01:46

Hungary will introduce the one-day highway vignette from March 2024, providing a favorable alternative for many in terms of using toll roads. Let's take a look at what you need to know about the Hungarian one-day vignette and who will find it cost-effective. 

Price and validity of the one-day vignette 

In compliance with a European Union regulation, the Hungarian one-day highway vignette will be available from March, costing 5,150 HUF for vehicles in the D1 fee category, which includes passenger cars. Unlike existing vignettes, the one-day vignette doesn't expire at midnight but remains valid for a full 24 hours. 

This vignette can be a significant advantage for foreign travelers, as they only pay for the period they actually use the toll sections. However, if they stay in Hungary for a longer period or their journey exceeds 10 days, it will be more cost-effective to opt for the 10-days highway vignette. 

Surrounding countries 

According to the regulation, every member state with toll roads must introduce the one-day vignette in 2024. Based on current information, Austria already offers the one-day road privilege for €8.60, Czech Republic introduces it for CZK 200, while in Slovakia, the timing and cost are yet to be determined. Germany continues to keep car travel free for passenger vehicles. 


Plan ahead! 

Before your journey, plan your route and purchase your road privileges in advance to avoid forgetting or having to queue at the gas station for an extended period. Easily obtain it online on the www.hungary-vignette.eu website: provide your car's license plate, the validity period, and select your vehicle's fee category. After payment, the system will send the vignette to the provided email address, which you can conveniently verify at any time! 

Everything about the Hungarian one-day highway vignette
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