Everything You Need to Know Before Traveling to Hungary

2024. 02. 20. 9:26:24

Before embarking on road trips, it's advisable to gather information about toll fees in the destination country or countries along our route. Due to Hungary's central location, it can get in our way many times, so we have collected all the important information in case your car journey also crosses Hungarian roads. 


Toll Roads  

In Hungary, expressways are tolled, so we have to pay to use the motorways. This can be done by purchasing a highway vignette, which can be obtained at gas stations or online on the hungary-vignette.eu website. 


Hungarian Online Highway Vignette  

The e-vignette offers several advantages over traditional paper vignettes: 

  • Easy procurement: can be purchased anytime, anywhere 
  • Validity period: the start date of validity is flexible, allowing purchase before the journey 
  • Accuracy: you provide the necessary data, enabling multiple verifications 
  • Always accessible: can be viewed and checked in emails at any time 
  • Fast and convenient: no need to wait in line, can be obtained from the comfort of your sofa 


What happens if you use a toll road without an e-vignette?  

Highway vignettes must be purchased before entering the toll road. Failure to do so may result in fines, but it's essential to know that there is a 60-minute grace period from entering the toll road, during which you can still purchase the road entitlement and avoid penalties. The quickest solution is to buy the highway vignette online, eliminating the need to search for a gas station. 


Penalty Amounts  

If you use the motorway without a vignette and realize later, fines will be imposed. As of 2024, the fines have increased. For a vehicle in the D1 fee category, the penalty is 21,830 HUF for payment within 60 days, and it can escalate to 87,270 HUF after 60 days. 


Play it safe and avoid fines!  

Due to the increase in penalties, it's not worth taking risks. Even with a 10-day highway vignette, you can avoid significant fines. Purchase your Hungarian highway vignette online and travel comfortably on Hungarian motorways! 

Everything You Need to Know Before Traveling to Hungary
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