Hungarian cities accessible by highways

2023. 06. 22. 9:55:47

In addition to the capital of Hungary there are several Hungarian cities worth visiting, which can enrich your vacation with many new experiences. We have gathered four easily accessible Hungarian cities that are worth visiting during your vacation. 

Hungary has beautiful features that can be easily reached via highways. Here are some cities that can be easily reached during a road trip. 



Győr is a city rich in attractions, with many historic places, parks and charming pedestrian streets to explore. The city has excellent transportation infrastructure due to its excellent geographical location. It is easily accessible via the M1 highway, but please note that the use of the highway requires a toll, which can be obtained by purchasing a motorway vignette. You can purchase the vignette at fuel stations, online on the website, or through a mobile application. 


The primary entrance to the city is accessible from the M3 motorway, and the use of the highway also requires a highway vignette. In Eger, you can explore the ruins of Eger Castle and the beauty of the Eger wine region, where you can taste the unique Egri Bikavér (Bull's Blood) wine. However, please be cautious, as there is a zero-tolerance policy for alcohol while driving in Hungary. 


The largest city in the Southern Great Plain, it is a great place for city walks and parks. It is also known as the "city of sunshine", as it gets the most sun in Hungary, making it an excellent tourist destination. The city on the coast of the Tisza is most easily reached via the M5 motorway, but to avoid fines, buy your motorway vignette before you travel! 


A city located on the southern shore of Lake Balaton, which is an excellent place for summer relaxation and has numerous tourist attractions. It is most easily accessible through the M7 highway, but during the tourist season, it is essential to plan your route carefully and purchase your vignette online. 


Important travel information: 

  • Always check the condition of your car and the validity of its documents. 
  • Due to the recent tightening of regulations in May, pay increased attention to speed limits. 
  • During both longer and shorter trips it is important to take regular breaks. 
  • Make sure to have enough cash on hand in case there is no option to pay with a credit card at any of the locations. 
  • Don't forget to purchase your Hungarian highway vignette. 
  • You can find information about vehicle categories for the Hungarian highway vignette here, and the prices here
Hungarian cities accessible by highways
Highway vignette
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