Hungarian Motorway Vignettes

2023. 06. 22. 10:01:14

With the approaching tourist season more and more drivers are arriving in Hungary or traveling through the country, so it's important to have the necessary information to use the road network and avoid penalties.  

Would you be traveling through Hungary multiple times during the summer holidays? In this blog post we have gathered the most important information to ensure that you don't have to worry about fines during your vacation. 


Toll Roads 

In Hungary the use of highways is subject to tolls, including certain sections of the M0, M1, M2, M3, M4, M5, M51, M6, and M7. It is necessary to purchase a vignette that allows you to use these roads. vignettes can be purchased at fuel stations, through mobile applications, and on the website. However, if you choose to purchase an e-vignette online, it allows you to have a valid vignette at a predetermined time before starting your journey. 


Vehicle Types and Prices for vignette Purchase 

When purchasing a highway vignette, you can choose from the following vehicle types: D1 (passenger cars up to 3.5 tons), D1M (motorcycles), D2 (up to 3.5 tons, vehicles suitable for 7 passengers and campers, as well as vehicles that are not subject to tolls according to specific regulations), B2 (buses with at least 9 permanent seats), and U (trailers). The prices vary depending on the vehicle category and the duration of the vignette which you can find out about here. You can purchase a 10-day highway vignette for a single trip, which allows you to use the highways throughout Hungary without any worries. With a 1 month vignette, you can ensure longer trips within the country. An 1 year highway vignette is also available, which is an excellent option if you travel through the country or choose it as a destination for relaxation multiple times a year. The Region vignette allows you to use a specific section of the country's highways during your regular trips. 


Where to Purchase vignettes? 

It is crucial to have the necessary information before entering a toll road. You can purchase a highway vignette at physical fuel stations, through mobile applications, and on the website. During a vacation or transit, the online-purchased vignette is more convenient as it is available on your mobile phone and can be checked anytime. When purchasing online, you have the option to buy without registration using a bank card, ensuring a contactless and penalty-free journey. Another advantage is that you don't have to wait in line, avoiding unnecessary waiting time. If you are traveling with friends or family in multiple vehicles, you can also make a fleet purchase by adding another car and filling in the required information. 


vignette Purchase 

Before your journey it is important to decide in what form and for how long you want to purchase your vignette. If you travel through Hungary multiple times a year or plan to travel to Hungary, we recommend buying an 1 year or Region vignette. With a Region vignette, you can only use the selected Region's highway sections. If you use the highways in another Region with a Region vignette, you may be fined. The shortest duration vignette is the 10-day vignette, which can be suitable for vacations or transit. 


Common Mistakes when Purchasing vignettes 

The most common mistake is entering incorrect data. Therefore, it is crucial to double-check the provided information to avoid any mistakes. You can find all the important information about your vehicle in its registration booklet, allowing you to purchase an e-vignette without assistance. During the purchase make sure to provide a valid email address and phone number, and wait for the confirmation email, which ensures that the purchase has been made and allows you to verify that everything is in order. 


What to Do If You Forget to Purchase a Highway vignette? 

During a trip, various factors can cause you to forget to purchase a highway vignette. In this case, you have exactly 60 minutes after entering the toll road to purchase the required vignette. However, if this time is exceeded, the fine can range from 18,750 to 337,290 Hungarian forints, depending on the vehicle category and the duration of the fine payment. 

Hungarian Motorway Vignettes
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