New chapter in the coach travels

2023. 11. 24. 17:18:02

2024 marks a new beginning for coaches in terms of the payment of road tolls. From next year, coaches in Hungary will no longer be able to buy e-vignettes, and the current system will be replaced by a kilometre-based system. These changes are likely to lead to a significant increase in the cost of road tolls for coaches.


Kilometre-based toll instead of the Hungarian vignette 

Soon we have to say goodbye to the days when coaches used vignettes to travel the Hungarian highways. Instead of e-vignettes, they will be subject to a pro-rata road toll system, same as for trucks.  
From 1st February, electronic on-board units will also replace time-based vignettes on coaches, and the toll will be based on the number of kilometres driven. In the new system, coaches will have to pay for the use of not only highways but also main routes (expressways and main roads) in proportion to the distance travelled. This will affect a total of 7,400 kilometres of road network in Hungary. In addition, a new factor, the external-cost charge, will be introduced in the toll, depending on the environmental rating of the vehicle, the number of axles, whether it is travelling between settlements or in suburban areas.  

Buy your 1 month Hungarian e-vignette for January! 

It is important to bear in mind that the 10 days and 1 month Hungarian B2 coach highway vignettes purchased for 2023 are valid until 24:00 on 31st January 2024. The new system is expected to impose higher costs on coaches, so it might be worth to buy to a 1 month Hungarian highway vignette for January if you have no 1 year vignette. 

Detailed information on the actual road tolls in Hungary are available here.

New chapter in the coach travels
Highway vignette
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