On Hungarian Highways in the Fall!

2023. 10. 12. 12:30:19

With the onset of autumn, many changes occur: colder and shorter days arrive, school begins, and there are holidays, which also affect Hungarian road traffic. Therefore, it's important to prepare for these new changes before setting out. That's why we've gathered the essential dates and information so that you can travel through Hungary well-prepared. 


Increased Traffic 

During the holidays and days off, one can expect increased car traffic on any of the country's roads. Let's look at the important dates: 

  • October 23: Hungarian National Holiday, commemorating the 1956 revolution and freedom fight, creating a long weekend. 
  • Autumn break: October 27 -November 5. 
  • November 1-2: All Saints' Day and All Souls' Day, public holidays. 

On these days, it's especially important to prepare for your trip and plan ahead. We recommend purchasing your Hungarian highway toll vignette online to avoid standing in lines. 


Faster on the Highway 

Using Hungarian motorways during this period can also make traveling easier, as the flow of traffic is faster. It becomes increasingly important to be attentive to one another on the roads, as cemetery visits begin in October. Consequently, many who do not drive often throughout the year will be on the roads. 


Rainy, Autumn Weather 

The rainy, windy autumn weather can make roads slippery. Wet leaves that fall on the roads further increase the risk of skidding. During these times, it's crucial to reduce your speed, increase your following distance, and avoid sudden maneuvers. 


School Break 

During the autumn break, many families choose to travel for relaxation or sightseeing. This increases traffic, especially around large cities and on major national roads. 


Preparation Before Travel 

Besides careful driving, it's important to check the technical condition of your car. If necessary, replace summer tires with winter ones. Also, don't forget to purchase the necessary road-use authorization, as Hungarian highways require a fee. Hungary operates on a time-based toll vignette system, so make sure you buy your Hungarian highway vignette to ensure penalty-free travel. 

On Hungarian Highways in the Fall!
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