One-day Highway Vignette Hungary - Everything you need to know

When will the one-day vignette be introduced?

The hungarian one-day motorway vignette is available from 1 April, 2024.

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How much does the one-day sticker cost?

The hungarian daily motorway vignette price in D1 fee category is 5 150 HUF. For vehicles in D2 fee category the price is 7 310 HUF, and for the motorbikes (D1M) is 2 570 HUF.

Fee category Daily (1 day) e-vignette
D1M 2 570 HUF
D1 5 150 HUF
D2 7 310 HUF
U 5 150 HUF

Where can I buy the one-day motorway sticker?

As with other types of motorway stickers, the one-day e-vignette can be purchased on the website.

Validity of the one-day vignette

Territorial: valid on all toll roads in Hungary.

Temporal: entitlement for the day of purchase from 0:00 to 24:00. In case of purchase on the day of purchase, it entitles the holder to use the toll from the exact time of purchase, not retroactively. An exception to this is the 60-minute waiting period, during which a one-day toll vignette purchase can avoid a penalty.

In the case of a daily vignette purchased after 14:00, the vignette will expire at 24 hours on that day. In a pre-purchase, for example, if you buy a one-day vignette for 1 May in April, it will be valid from 0:00 on 1 May until 23:59 on the same day. This means that it is worth considering whether it is worth buying a one-day vignette in the evening, as in the case of evening purchases you are only buying a few hours' entitlement and if you are still driving on the toll road after midnight you will need another vignette.

When should I buy the one-day motorway sticker?

Motorways and expressways in Hungary are typically classified as toll roads. You can buy an electronic toll sticker before you drive onto the toll road!

  • If you have driven onto the motorway by mistake, you can avoid a fine if you buy within 60 minutes
  • If you are just passing through Hungary
  • If you are planning a journey of more than 10 days, you can also use the one-day sticker to cover the cost of the journey, or you can use just two one-day stickers.
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