Transferring highway vignette in Hungary- When, where and how?

Only the National Toll Payment Services Zrt is authorized to transfer the highway vignette from one license plate number to another due to license plate change, theft, damage beyond repair, change of category, an error when providing the license plate number.

Customer service number: +36 (36) 587-500

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Transferring the vignette

If the ownership of the vehicle is transferred by the owner during the year, or if the legal relationship which allowed its use is terminated, entitlement to another vehicle may be claimed. To transfer the change of registration number resulting from the transfer, the following must be presented:

  • The receipt or acknowledgement received when the vignette was purchased
  • The new vehicle's registration certificate showing that the vehicle's tariff category is the same as the previously eligible vehicle's tariff category
  • A document certifying the sale of the vehicle, certified by the district (metropolitan district) office of the Metropolitan and Voivodeship Government Office,
  • or a document certifying the termination of another legal relationship enabling the use of the vehicle, or a private document with probative value certifying that the legal relationship enabling the use of the vehicle has ended.

If the two vehicles concerned are driven by the same person, proof of the change of registration number resulting from the transfer may be furnished by producing, in addition to the original validation ticket, the registration certificates of the two vehicles concerned. The transfer fee including VAT is HUF 1 470.

Change of license plate number

In the case of a change of number plate, NÚSZ Zrt. will transfer the entitlement to the new number plate upon request. The procedure is governed by the rules for transferring the number plate, except that the applicant must also provide proof that the license plate has been changed. However, if the change of license plate number is required by law, the change of entitlement is free of charge.

Theft / damage beyond repair

If your vehicle has been stolen or has suffered damage beyond repair then present certification of the fact from police or your insurance company and the NUSZ customer service office will issue you a control slip that is the same as the previous one, with the appropriate fee category and validity period for a service fee of HUF 1470.

Erroneous fee category/ amend category

If you have indicated the wrong category, then you may amend the category to the correct one defined by the fee regulation at the NUSZ customer service office for a fee of HUF 1470 along with paying the balance or having the balance paid back to you. For newly issued authorization in the appropriate fee category, the license plate number must match the original license plate number as certified by the vehicle's registration. After a penalty has been issued, amendment of the fee category does not exempt the user from the obligation to pay the penalty.

Incorrect license plate number

The license plate number was mistyped during the purchase, so the registration number on the confirmation of purchase does not match the actual registration number. Up to a difference of 3 characters - within 60 calendar days from the beginning of the validity date of the right to use the road, or within 60 days from the receipt of the surcharge notice for the wrong number plate - it is possible to have the correct number plate fixed at the offices of NÚSZ Zrt. No fee is payable if the characters "0" (zero) and "O" and the characters "I" and "1" are interchanged.

Double purchase

If more than one e-vignette has been purchased for the same vehicle, in whole or in part, for the same period, the buyer can request the repurchase of the excess entitlement. In the case of county vignettes, it is possible to repurchase the entitlement if multiple vignettes have been purchased for the same vehicle and county.

The fee is HUF 1 470, which can be paid at any NÚSZ customer service office. In this case, you will need to present your vehicle's registration certificate and both e-vignette control slips or electronic acknowledgement notifications.

Wrong country code

If the country code is wrong, it is possible to register the correct country code at the NUSZ customer service office with the appropriate amendment.  During the procedure you will need to present the vehicle's registration, the control slip attesting the the purchased authorization or the confirmation/receipt notification. In this case, the authorization is valid for the amended country code within the full validity period. The service fee  including value-added tax is HUF 1470.

Customer service number: +36 (36) 587-500

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