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Determining vehicle category.

Motor vehicles and their trailers can be grouped into one of the following categories:

Coding in the registration
in field “J” 
DefinitionFee category
M1Passenger vehicleD1 (for vehicles with a seating capacity of up to 7 persons)
M1passenger vehicleD2 (for vehicles with a seating capacity of more than 7 persons)
N1truckD2 up to a maximum permissible gross weight of 3.5 t)
M2busB2 (buses with a maximum permissible gross weight of 5 t)
M3busB2 (buses with a maximum permissible gross weight of over 5 t)
O1trailerU (trailers with a maximum permissible gross weight of up to 750 kg)
O2trailerU (trailers with a maximum permissible gross weight of over 750 kg up to 3.5 t)

* In accord with Ministry of Transport, Telecommunications and Construction Decree No. 5/1990. (IV. 12.) on the technical inspection of public road vehicles

The number of passengers is determined by the number indicated on the vehicle registration certificate (S.1. – number of seats including the driver) and not by the number of visible seats.

For vehicles in categories D2 and B2, if they are used for towing, a category U sticker should be purchased for the trailer for the registration number of the trailer.

Interactive planner for the use of the regional highway sticker

When is purchasing a regional highway sticker worthwhile?

The regional sticker is merely an option; it is neither obligatory nor the only possibility.

If the route and the counties to travel through are known, the total cost of the annual stickers can be calculated. If this amount is lower than the amount paid for the stickers, a Customer should consider purchasing a regional sticker(s). Regional stickers are valid for an entire year.

What is the difference between regional and traditional highway stickers?

Time-based 10-day, monthly and annual stickers are valid for all national highways and include the new toll section. Regional stickers are restricted to a particular region (county based), but they do not have a time restriction, so they can be used up to January 31 of the next year. It is worth planning annual travel routes to determine which is the most cost efficient sticker to buy.


When is an annual highway sticker the best choice?

The annual sticker is valid on all the highways from the purchase date until January 31 of the next year. If the total cost of buying various traditional stickers within a year exceeds HUF 30-35,000, consider purchasing an annual sticker. As such, purchasing an annual sticker negates the need to alter plans in an effort to create more economical travel routes.

How can a highway sticker be purchased?

Fill in the data fields for the desired sticker type and vehicle category, and then follow the steps. The highway stickers are sold on the website through an automatic service.

Is registration required for sticker purchase?

Registration is not required. Highway stickers can be purchased without registration by either bank card or money transfer.

Registration is merely an option for returning customers who want to buy their sticker more conveniently later.

Payment methods.

Payment by bank card

Payment takes place through OTP Bank’s secure payment page. Any bank card suitable for payment through the Internet is accepted by the system. After successful payment, the highway sticker is immediately validated. The card data entered by the Customer on OTP Bank’s payment acceptance site are only accessible to and managed by OTP Bank.

When should the highway sticker be purchased?

In accord with effective regulations, the e-sticker must always be purchased before entering a toll road (practically before the journey). Always purchase stickers prior to travel: e-sticker purchase has no retroactive validity; stickers purchased after travel means any previous travel is qualified as unauthorized road usage and a driver is subject to a surcharge.

Can multiple highway stickers be purchased at the same time?

Yes. Customers with vehicle fleets have the option to purchase multiple (up to 10) monthly and annual stickers of the same type at one time. Start dates for each vehicle registration number can be selected separately.

Instead of entering each vehicle registration number of ten B2 buses individually, this function enables customers to enter multiple vehicle registration numbers at once and authorize them vehicles concurrently. A printable invoice is then sent by email.

What to consider after a purchase?

A dated email confirming purchase is sent to the customer following a successful transaction. Retain the notification: it confirms authorization. Printing the authorization is unnecessary, but please retain the electronic version; it certifies authorization for highway use. When buying a highway sticker, financial performance itself does not automatically authorize highway use. If an email confirmation is not received, please call our Customer Service number. If a Customer enters a toll road without a valid receipt, they accept all responsibility and any possible fines. The Service Provider bears no responsibility.

How is an official invoice received after purchase?

When selecting a sticker, check the box indicating an invoice is required and then enter an invoicing address. By clicking on the link that appears after successful purchase the invoice can be viewed and printed. An email will be received later to allow invoice viewing or printing. Only a printed invoice is valid.

Questions concerning the use of the highway sticker

Phone number for information about highway use

Customer Service of the National Toll Payment Services Plc: +36 (36) 587-500

Can a valid highway sticker be cancelled after purchase?

No, a valid sticker cannot be canceled. Therefore, all dates should be carefully reviewed during purchase.

If the vehicle registration number, the validity period or the fee category are wrong:

The data can be corrected by contacting the Customer Service of the National Toll Payment Services Plc if certain conditions are met. For additional information, please call the Call Center at +36 (36) 587-500.

Toll and toll-free sections

For the list of toll and toll-free sections, please visit on the National Toll Payment Services Plc website.

Control and surcharges

For information about control and surcharges, please visit on the National Toll Payment Services Plc website.

How to transfer a valid permit following a vehicle sale or purchase.

If vehicle ownership transfers in mid-year or the legal relationship for its use terminates, the owner may apply for transferring authorization to another vehicle.

Is it possible to check if valid authorization already exists for a vehicle registration number?

We can only provide information for stickers that are purchased on our website,

Information regarding stickers purchased elsewhere can be obtained by presenting a receipt where the sticker was originally purchased.