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Credit card is accepted by OTP, the leading bank in Hungary
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General Terms and Conditions of Contract

Service provider data

Voxinfo Kft.
Address: 1037 Budapest, Bécsi út 269.
Tax number: 12180439-2-41
Business registration number: 01-09-562739 

The customer

The customer is the person who uses the Virtual Vignette service and/or makes purchases on the surface thereby accepting the General Terms and Conditions of Contract and the contents of the privacy policy. (

The subject of the service

The service provider provides clients the opportunity to use the website along with all its services and options.

The aim of the general terms and conditions of contract

The General Terms and Conditions of Contract of the Virtual Vignette (GTCC) contains the general conditions of the legal relationship between the Service provider and the Customer who enters a contract with them. Matters not regulated here are governed without separate provision by the prevailing laws, official regulations in effect applying to the Service Provider's business activities as well as by the Civil Code.

Publication of the general terms and conditions of contract of the virtual vignette

In order to use the Virtual Vignette Service, the Customer must accept the  General Terms and Conditions of Contract of the Virtual Vignette. If the Customer initiates the purchase process on the Virtual Vignette website interface, they are considered to have accepted the  General Terms and Conditions of Contract of the Virtual Vignette.

The Parties' obligations

 The service provider provides the ordered service from the time of registration or purchase. The user is responsible for providing a valid email address during the registration or purchase process as well as for keeping the password they have provided unavailable to unauthorized persons. The user is obligated to notify the service provider immediately of any unauthorized use of their identity they use on the website.

Modify/cancel order

The order cannot be canceled after it has been confirmed (Purchase).

Pre-purchase vignettes in 2022

Conditions of the sale of pre-purchased yearly highway vignettes valid for the whole country and yearly highway vignettes valid for counties:

Yearly highway vignettes pre-purchased in 2022 are valid through January 1, 2023, to January 31, 2024.


Fees in connection with the vignettes sold at

The transactional fee, the fee for administrative matters connected to purchase which is the service provider's fee

The table below contains the highway vignette fees as well as the transactional fees depending on the method payment:

Prices in 2023:

Fee category







5 500 Ft + 350 Ft

8 900 Ft + 450 Ft

49 190 Ft + 1 800 Ft


 5 720 Ft + 450 Ft


2 750 Ft + 340 Ft

4 450 Ft+ 320 Ft

49 190 Ft + 1 800 Ft


 5 720 Ft + 450 Ft


8 000 Ft+ 320 Ft

12 600 + 470 Ft

69 830 Ft + 2 400 Ft


 11 450 Ft + 650 Ft


17 730 Ft + 550 Ft

25 150 Ft + 820 Ft

228 850 Ft + 6 600 Ft


 22 890 Ft + 770 Ft


5 500 Ft + 310 Ft

8 900 Ft + 410 Ft

49 190 Ft + 1 800 Ft


5 720 Ft + 420 Ft

Conditions of payment

The customer pays the fee of the service electronically via bankcard transfer when placing the order. When purchasing a highway vignette, financial performance in and of itself does not automatically mean a right to use the highways.

Bank card payment system

The bank card payment provided by VoxPay uses the SimplePay card acceptance system of OTP Mobil Kft., as well as the card acceptance system of Borgun and Barion.

In the case of Barion card payments, Barion Payment Zrt., which provides the service, is an institution under the supervision of the Magyar Nemzeti Bank, license number: H-EN-I-1064/201

In all cases, the Buyer will be notified of the successful payment through the same channels as for traditional bank card payments.

I have read this information, I acknowledge and accept its contents.

Conditions of invoicing

If you pay online, the system will issue an invoice including VAT if the Customer has checked the “Request Invoice” box during the payment process. If the Customer does not request an invoice during the payment process, we cannot retroactively provide one.

The invoice of the service is available in PDF format. After payment, the Customer must click a button for the PDF to appear and then they must also print it out. This will be an original copy of the invoice, the customer's copy (it is valid without a signature or stamp), it is suitable for accounting and meets the requirements of  NGM Regulation 23/2014 (VI.30.)

You will receive access to the printable invoice also via email (you will not receive the invoice in the email!), thus, if you cannot print the invoice after payment, you can print it later.

The customer accepts that it is the Customer's responsibility to print the invoice, Voxinfo Kft. will not mail it to them.

By accepting the “the data is correct, I understand and accept the terms and conditions of use” during the process, the Customer accepts that Voxinfo Kft authorizes them to print out the invoice they received of the service, furthermore, they accept the conditions of invoice issue applying to the Customer.

The customer accepts that the Invoice/Bill is issued in English  languages and the amounts indicated in the invoice/bill are in HUF.
At the same time, the HUF/EUR exchange rate is indicated in the invoice/bill – just as on the webpage.

Exclusion of resale

Customers may only purchase the products with the terms and conditions indicated at for their own use, they are not entitled to any form of retail activity. The Service Provider is entitled to ban the Customer effective immediately if they gain knowledge of such resale activities.

Separate regulations applying to the purchase of the right to highway use

When purchasing a highway vignette, financial performance in and of itself does not automatically mean a right to use the highways. If you do not receive a receipt via email or confirmation does not appear in your browser after a successful purchase, please contact our customer service. If you drive onto toll highway without confirmation, the possible consequences are the responsibility of the customer, our company does not assume any liability in such cases.

In accordance with the legal regulations in effect, the e-vignette must always be purchased for the toll section of the road before driving onto it (practically, this means before travel). Retroactively purchasing a vignette does not mean retroactive entitlement to use of the road, thus, retroactively purchased vignettes are considered unauthorized road use and will result in a penalty.

About the contract between absentee parties and the right to withdrawal

The Service provider will begin providing the service directly after the purchase has been completed. Thus, the Customer, according to Government Regulation 45/2014. (II. 26.) on contracts concluded between absentee parties, is not entitled to the right to withdrawal.

The service's scope of area

The Virtual Vignette Services provided by the Service Provider is available from Hungary and abroad.

The scope of the general terms and conditions of contract of the virtual vignette

The service provider reserves the right to partially or fully modify the General Terms and Conditions of Contract at any time. The Virtual Vignette GTCC and its prevailing modifications become valid when they are published. The GTCC will always remain in effect while the Service Provider is providing the Virtual Vignette Service.

Duration of the contract and its termination

The Parties conclude the present contract for an indefinite duration. The user may terminate the contract by sending an email to requesting that their data be deleted from the email address they used to log in. The data manager deletes the data within 5 business days of receiving the request. If the data is deleted, the user's registration is canceled as well, but the data of the user's purchases, invoices, receipts are not deleted. The Service Provider is entitled to terminate the contract effective immediately if they gain knowledge of the user using their service for illegal purposes. The service provider may unilaterally initiate amendment of the provisions of the present contract. In this case, the service provider is obligated to send the amended contract text to the user 15 days before it comes into effect via email or internal mailing system. The user notes that by using the service, i. e. logging in after the amendment has come into effect, they are accepting the amended terms and conditions.



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