Contractual Terms and Conditions

Service provider’s data

Voxinfo LLC
Address: 1034 Budapest, Bécsi út 100.
Tax number: 12180439-2-41
Company registration number: 01-09-562739


By use of the Virtual Sticker service and purchase of a sticker on the website, a Customer accepts all General Contract Terms and Conditions (http://autopalyamatrica.hu/adatvedelem)

Service provisions

The service provider provides access to the www.autopalyamatrica.hu website, including all the services and options made available there.

Purpose of the General Contract Terms and Conditions

The General Contract Terms and Conditions (GCTC) of the Virtual Sticker sets out the general conditions for the contract concluded between the Service Provider and the Customer. The current Hungarian laws and regulations – and any relevant Civil Code provisions – cover any instances not directly addressed by the GCTC without any special additional provisions.

Publication of the General Contract Terms and Conditions

The use of the Virtual Sticker Service is subject to the acceptance of the General Contract Terms and Conditions by the Customer. By initiating a purchase on the Virtual Sticker website operated by the Service Provider, a Customer accepts all General Contract Terms and Conditions.

Obligations of the Parties

The Service Provider provides the Service as of the purchase date. The User is responsible for the validity of the email address provided during the purchase transaction and for keeping the password entered upon registration confidential. The User must immediately notify the Service Provider of any unauthorized use of their credentials.

Modifying and canceling an order

After an order has been confirmed (Purchase), it can no longer be canceled.

Payment terms

The Customer pays for the purchased service electronically by a bank card or by money transfer at the time the order is placed.

Conditions for issuing an invoice

In the case of payment through the Internet, the system issues an invoice if the Customer checks the “Request invoice” box. If the Customer decides not to request an invoice when placing the order, the invoice cannot be provided later.

The invoice for the Service is provided as a pdf file. After payment has been made, the Customer can open and print the invoice by clicking on the appropriate button. The invoice serves as the Customer’s original copy (valid without a signature and stamp) for accounting purposes and complies with the requirements of Ministry for National Economy Decree No. 23/2014 (VI.30.).

The Customer also will receive a summary email regarding the invoice (not the invoice itself), which can be printed later if the Customer is unable to print it out immediately.

The Customer agrees to be responsible for the printing of the invoice and that Voxinfo LLC is not responsible for issuing it separately.

When placing the order, by clicking on “The data is correct, I have understood and accept the terms and conditions for use” the Customer agrees to Voxinfo LLC’s authorization to print out the invoice for the Service and accepts the conditions for the issuance of an invoice applying to the Customer.

Registration (not mandatory)

Registration requires entering an email address and choosing a password. The system does not recognize the email address provided.
After registration, in addition to payment by bank card and money transfer, an option for recurring payment by bank card will also be available.
After signing in, the system displays the data of the Customer’s first order, who can then purchase the sticker by clicking just once on the “Payment” button (in case of repeat payment by bank card) – after making any modification that is necessary.

After signing in, the menu item “My previous purchases” displays the Customer’s successful/unsuccessful sticker purchases.

Resale prohibited

Customers are only entitled to purchase products for their own use on the www.autopalyamatrica.hu portal and they cannot be transferred or resold. The Service Provider is entitled to exclude any Customer if the Service Provider becomes aware of such resale.

Special provisions for the authorization of road usage

When buying a highway sticker, payment itself does not automatically authorize the Customer to use the highway. If the Customer does not receive the email confirmation or it does not appear in the browser after successful purchase, the Customer should contact the Service Provider’s customer service. If a Customer enters a toll road without a valid receipt, they accept all responsibility and any possible fines. The Service Provider bears no responsibility.

In accord with effective regulations, the e-sticker must be purchased before actually entering a toll road (i.e. prior to the journey). Always purchase stickers prior to travel: e-sticker purchase has no retroactive validity; stickers purchased after travel means any previous travel is qualified as unauthorized road usage and a driver is subject to a surcharge.

Distant contracts and the right of withdrawal

The Service Provider will begin the provision of the Service immediately after the Purchase Transaction is completed. Therefore, the Customer is not granted the right of withdrawal from a contract binded among distant partners,  pursuant to Government Decree No 45/2014. (II. 26.).

Area covered by the Service

The Virtual Sticker Service operated by the Service Provider can be accessed both within Hungary and from abroad.

General Contract Terms and Conditions provisions

The Service Provider reserves the right to amend the General Contract Terms and Conditions in part or in full at any time. The Virtual Sticker General Contract Terms and Conditions enter into force the day of publication. The General Contract Terms and Conditions remain in force as long as the Service Provider provides the Virtual Sticker Service.

Duration and termination of the contract

The Parties conclude this contract for an open-ended period. The User may terminate this contract by sending a request to delete their data to info@voxinfo.hu from the email address provided upon registration. The data manager deletes the data within 5 business days of receiving the request for deletion. If deletion is requested, the User’s registration will be canceled but the data of the Customer's purchases, invoices, documents and receipts remain on file. The Service Provider is entitled to terminate the contract with immediate effect if they become aware of the use of the Service for any purpose that violates a law. The Service Provider pay initiates the unilateral amendment of this contract. In such a case, the Service Provider must send the amended text of the contract to the user at least 15 business days before such amendment enters into force by email or internal correspondence. The Customer acknowledges that by using the Service after the amendment has entered into force – by signing in – they accept the amended contractual terms and conditions.