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Highway vignette prices in 2019

Fees of the 10 day vignettes have changed since October 1, 2018.

 Fee category  Weekly  Monthly  Yearly  6-month  County
 D1     HUF 3 500  HUF 4 780  HUF 42 980  HUF 28 680  HUF 5 000
 D1M  HUF 1 470  HUF 2 500  -   -  -
 D2  HUF 7 000  HUF 9 560  HUF 42 980 -  HUF 10 000
 B2  HUF 15 500  HUF 21 975  HUF 199 975  -  HUF 20 000
 U  HUF 3 500  HUF 4 780  HUF 42 980  -  HUF 5 000

The above amounts are the gross fees, that is, they contain the value added tax. When purchasing a vignette, regardless of the payment method, you will be charged a transactional fee which will appear during the payment process when choosing the payment method.

Vehicle categories

Vehicles and trailers are categorized according to the following: 

Coding in registration, “J” field*   Definition                                               Fee category
M1 Personal vehicle D1 (in the case of vehicles suitable for transporting up to 7 persons)
M1 Personal vehicle D2 ( in the case of vehicles suitable for transporting more than 7 persons)
N1 Freight vehicle D2 (up to a total weight of 3,5 t )
M2 bus B2 (maximum total weight of the largest permitted bus is 5 t)
M3 bus B2 (maximum total weight of the largest permitted bus is more than 5 t)
O1 trailer U (maximum total weight of the largest permitted trailer is  750 kg)
O2 trailer U (trailer is over 750 kg, up to 3,5 t)

* Based on  KöHÉM Regulation 5/1990. (IV. 12.) on the technical inspection of vehicles.

The official entry in the vehicle registration indicating the number of persons that may be transported in the vehicle (S.1 – number of seats including the driver) and not the actual number of seats in the vehicle.

In the case of D2 and B2 category vehicles, if they are towing, a U category vignette must be purchased for the trailer for the license plate of the trailer.

D1 vehicles of a maximum permitted total weight of 3,5 t are divided into two categories according to size. E-vignettes for personal vehicles with 5+2 seats may be purchased at the same price. Minivans, mobile homes suitable for transporting more passengers as well as commercial vehicles will be categorized as D2.

In the future road use of trailers must also be paid for on toll roads if they are not towed by a category D1 personal vehicle, this is called category U.


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