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Hungary motorway vignette 2024

Most of the motorways in Hungary are toll roads, so it is important to buy your permit before you travel. The easiest and safest way to do this is to buy a motorway sticker online.


Buy a motorway vignette

Under the legislation in force, the e-vignette must always be redeemed before entering the toll section. The subsequent purchase of an e-vignette does not constitute a retroactive right to use the road, and therefore a vignette purchased afterwards is considered as an unauthorised use and is subject to the payment of a surcharge.

An exception to this is the 60-minute grace period, which exempts from the penalty if the vignette is purchased within 60 minutes of the start of the toll period.

Hungary-Vignette.EU is the official online Hungarian reseller service. On our website you can only buy a valid road use permit (motorway vignette) in Hungary.


Buy a motorway vignette online

Buy in 1 minute, without registration, with credit card

Only a few details required

  • select the vehicle category and the tariff category (daily, weekly, monthly, annual)
  • enter the start date of validity
  • by default this is the date of purchase
  • enter the registration number of your vehicle
  • complete the purchase by paying by credit card

Your purchase will be confirmed immediately by e-mail. Have a safe journey!


Hungarian motorway vignette types

Daily (1-day) motorway vignette: valid for all toll roads in Hungary, if purchased in advance, from 0:00 to 24:00 on the calendar day indicated by the customer. For same-day purchases, from the time of purchase until 24:00 on the calendar day in question.

Weekly (10-day) motorway vignette: valid for all toll roads in Hungary for a further 9 days from the date of purchase or the date indicated by the purchaser, for a total of 10 consecutive calendar days until 24:00 on the last day of the week.

Monthly motorway vignette: valid for all toll roads in Hungary from the date of purchase or the date indicated by the purchaser until the 24th hour of the same day of the following month. If this date is missing in the month of expiry, until the 24th hour of the last day of the month.

County toll vignette: valid for all toll roads in the county of the customer's choice, up to the first junction in the neighbouring county. For year-round purchasers, it entitles the purchaser to tolls from the date of purchase. Valid for pre-purchases from 01 January 2024 until 24 hours on 31 January 2025. A county vignette may be purchased for several counties at the same time.

Annual motorway vignette: valid for all toll roads in Hungary. Valid from the first day of the year in question until 24 hours on 31 January of the year following the year in question. If purchased within the period of validity, it entitles the holder to use the road from the date of purchase. For pre-purchases, valid from 01 January 2024 until 24 hours on 31 January 2025.

Purchase of a combined monthly vignette (5...4...3...2 months): valid for all toll roads in Hungary. The consolidated monthly e-vignettes offer the convenience of an annual vignette for mid-year customers.


Hungarian motorway vignette tariff categories 2024

In Hungary, motorway vignettes can be purchased according to the different fee categories. The rate is determined on the basis of the official entry in the vehicle's road registration document. This makes it easy to choose the fee category:

category D1: a passenger car with a maximum permissible laden weight of up to 3.5 tonnes and carrying a maximum of 7 passengers

D1M Prize category: motorcycle

Fee category D2: any vehicle capable of carrying more than 7 persons, any lorry not exceeding 3.5 tonnes or any vehicle which does not belong to another fee category and is not considered a vehicle subject to tolls under a special law.

Tariff category U: Trailers towed by vehicles in tariff category D2.


Hungarian motorway vignette prices 2024

E-vignette tariff category  National County 
 Daily (1 day)Weekly (10) daysMonthlyAnnualAnnual
D15 150 Ft6 400 Ft10 360 Ft57 260 Ft6 660 Ft
D1m2 570 Ft3 200 Ft5 180 Ft

57 260 Ft

6 660 Ft
D27 310 Ft9 310 Ft14 670 Ft81 280 Ft13 330 Ft
U5 150 Ft

6 400 Ft

10 360 Ft57 260 Ft6 660 Ft


Hungarian motorway vignette penalty

An e-vignette must always be purchased before driving onto a toll road, failure to do so will result in a penalty. It is important to know that there is a 60-minute grace period from the moment you drive onto the toll road, which gives you the opportunity to avoid a penalty by buying a vignette.

When purchasing an e-vignette, it is important to buy the e-vignette for the correct fee category, as you will be fined if you enter the wrong fee category, in which case your vehicle will not have a valid e-vignette.

It is also important to check that the vehicle registration number and number plate are correct, and to pay particular attention to the start and end of the validity period.


Penalty rates 2024

Even with a weekly (10-day) toll vignette, you can avoid a significant penalty, so we recommend that you always buy your Hungarian toll vignette before using the toll road. It is important to know that

the National Toll Payment Service Ltd. collects the surcharges for vehicles with foreign registration plates through its foreign partner offices, so you will have to expect significant additional administrative costs in addition to the penalty.

Prize categoryBasic surcharge (if paid within 60 days)Increased surcharge (for payments over 60 days)
D1, D1m, D2, U14 875 Ft59 500 Ft


Frequently asked questions

What payment methods are available to me?

Payment by credit card is available and is made through Barion's secure card acceptance system. All credit cards suitable for online payment are accepted. After successful payment, the toll vignette is validated immediately. The card details provided by the Customer at the time of payment on the Card Acceptor's website are seen and processed exclusively by the Card Acceptor.

When is my vignette valid?

If the purchase is made on the day of purchase, the date of purchase of the e-vignette will be the starting date of validity. For all vignettes, the territorial validity of the vignette is the whole territory of the country, except for the county vignette, which is an annual vignette valid only for the sections of the route in the county concerned - up to the first exit of the neighbouring county.

What should I do if I drive onto the motorway without a motorway vignette?

You can only use the toll road sections if you have a valid road use permit, which means you need to buy an e-vignette before you drive up. If you have driven onto the toll road network by mistake, you have a maximum of 60 minutes from the moment you drive onto the toll road to buy your toll card. It is important to note that an e-ticket purchased after 60 minutes does not give retroactive entitlement!

I have used the motorway without permission several times in one day - how much will I be fined?

You will be fined for unauthorised use of the road no more than once per registration number per calendar day. If the short distance use of a vehicle without a valid e-vignette extends beyond the calendar day (i.e. the journey started before midnight and ended after midnight), but the time between the first and last detection of unauthorised use is 60 minutes or less, only one surcharge may be imposed.

What should I look out for after buying?

After a successful purchase, a confirmation email will be sent to the email address you provided, with details of your purchase. You must keep the confirmation letter containing your eligibility. You do not need to print the confirmation, but keep it electronically - it is proof of your right to use the motorway. In the case of a toll vignette purchase, the fact that the payment has been made does not in itself automatically entitle the holder to use the motorway. If you do not receive a receipt by e-mail, our customer service can help you. If you drive onto a toll motorway without a receipt, the customer will be liable for any consequences and our company cannot accept any liability.

How can I get the invoice for my purchase?

After selecting the vignette and entering the required information, if you tick "Request invoice" and fill in the exact billing details, you can view and download the invoice by clicking on the link after the purchase. We will also receive an email with the invoice contact details so that you can view and download it later. The printed invoice is authentic.

What is the basic difference between county vignettes and traditional motorway vignettes?

The 10-day, monthly, annual time-based vignettes are valid for all motorway sections in the country, including new toll sections. County vignettes, on the other hand, are limited to a specific area, i.e. a county, but are valid until 31 January of the following year. It is worth planning your annual driving to decide which vignette to buy.

When should I buy a county vignette?

The Hungarian county vignette is a relief for some motorists, as it reduces costs. If you only visit 1-2 Hungarian counties regularly, it is better to buy county vignettes.

The main advantage of the Hungarian county vignette is that the validity of the county vignette purchased in January is one year or up to 13 months and it is cheaper than the annual national vignette. This type of vignette is worth buying even in the middle of the year and can be used for several months without any problems.

How long is the county vignette valid?

In time: the county vignette is valid from the date of purchase until 24:00 on 31 January of the year following the year in question (except in the case of December pre-purchase: the vignette purchased in December pre-purchase is valid from 01 January of the following year!)

Geographically: the county motorway vignette is valid within the following limits: the toll lanes in the county specified by the Customer and up to the first junction in the direction of the bordering counties.