Smart sticker

The regional sticker is convenient for certain motorists as it can reduce costs. It is especially useful for those who have used toll-free highway sections before and have not had an annual sticker. The regional sticker can mitigate the costs for the new toll sections. It affects the majority of people driving in the city from the commuter belt, so the regional sticker is especially recommended to these motorists. It may also be advantageous for those who drive shorter distances within a specific county. The regional stickers also have the benefit of year-long validity.

What is the difference between a fixed-time highway sticker and a regional sticker?

The regional sticker is valid for all toll roads within a specific county for an entire calendar year. The previous stickers were suitable for use on all national highways during their validity period (e.g. the 10-day sticker); whereas the new regional stickers (confined to a specific region) are valid for an entire calendar year. This results in a more proportionate fee system and represents a more accurate reflection of use trends.
The sticker without time or regional restriction is the annual sticker; with all of its benefits, drawbacks and cost.

How to save money by planning sticker purchase?

Consider buying a sticker for the entire year in terms of three basic combinations, and one combined sticker.

  1. As in previous years, 10-day and monthly stickers should be suitable when more route flexibility is necessary. If a Customer’s travel routes remain similar year to year, annual travel costs should remain unchanged. However if the annual sticker cost exceeds HUF 30-35,000 in a given year, consider purchasing an annual sticker. Although the annual sticker is HUF 8-10,000 more expensive, it may well be worth the convenience. See the annual sticker.

  2. Buying a regional sticker. If the route and the counties to travel through are known, the total cost of the annual stickers can be calculated. Only if the cost is lower than the amount paid for the stickers should a regional sticker(s) be purchased. Please note that purchasing regional stickers is only necessary once annually because they are valid for an entire year.

  3. Buying an annual sticker . If the total cost of buying various traditional stickers within a year exceeds HUF 30-35,000, consider purchasing an annual sticker. As such, purchasing an annual sticker negates the need to alter plans in an effort to create more economical travel routes. It is hard to measure this convenience in cost alone.

  4. Combining a regional sticker with a 10-day sticker.This is recommended for those who usually travel within a single county but occasionally travel longer distances outside the county. These Customers are typically residents in a given county or originate their travel from a single county.

Checking the vehicle category

Please confirm that the chosen vehicle category conforms to the indication on the vehicle registration certificate.

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