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Motorway vignette Hungary - Highway sticker purchase 2024

Payment by bank card without registration

Please choose the vehicle category and click on the appropriate period/fee button.


The price shown excludes transaction handling fee.

1 € = 281,63 Ft


Buy Hungary Vignette online, avoid penalties!

With an e-sticker, you no longer have to pull off the highway to buy a vignette. Cameras on the road record your number plate and compare it with the database.

After selecting the vehicle category and the period, please enter your registration number. Then set the beginning date of validity and pay for the purchase by your bankcard online. Wait for the confirmation and drive freely on the highway.

If you set the date of purchase as the beginning date, the validity period will begin on the time of purchasing the e-sticker. In the case of payment by bank card the sticker is validated when the amount is credited to our account – this date will be the beginning date of validity. It is that easy and conveniente: the receipt for the purchase will be sent to you by email no need to print or stick it.

Bon Voyage! 


Stickers can be purchased for the following periods:

Daily (1-day) motorway vignette: valid for all toll roads in Hungary, if purchased in advance, from 0:00 to 24:00 on the calendar day indicated by the customer. For same-day purchases, from the time of purchase until 24:00 on the calendar day in question.

10 days: weekly e-vignette: this sticker is valid from the beginning date specified by the customer and an additional 9 days, for a total of 10 consecutive calendar days until 24:00 hours of the 10th day.

Monthly: monthly e-vignette: this sticker is valid from the beginning date specified by the customer until 24:00 hours on the corresponding date in the next month. If this date is missing in the month in which the sticker expires, the sticker is valid until 24:00 hours of the last day of that month.

Several monthly e-vignette: combined monthly sticker This sticker actually means ordering 4-5 stickers (for 4-5 months) in combination.

Regional: regional e-vignette: this sticker is valid for all the roads of the given county from the purchase date until midnight January 31 of the next year. Stickers valid for several counties can be purchased at the same time.

Yearly: annual e-vignette:  this sticker is valid from the purchase date until midnight on January 31 of the following year. The annual sticker is valid from the date of purchase; it does not provide authorization retroactively.


Hungary Vignette - Frequently Asked Quiestions

When should the highway sticker be purchased?

In accord with effective regulations, the e-sticker must always be purchased before entering a toll road (practically before the journey). Always purchase stickers prior to travel: e-sticker purchase has no retroactive validity; stickers purchased after travel means any previous travel is qualified as unauthorized road usage and a driver is subject to a surcharge.

What to consider after a purchase?

A dated email confirming purchase is sent to the customer following a successful transaction. Retain the notification: it confirms authorization. Printing the authorization is unnecessary, but please retain the electronic version; it certifies authorization for highway use.

When buying a highway sticker, financial performance itself does not automatically authorize highway use. If an email confirmation is not received, please call our Customer Service number. If a Customer enters a toll road without a valid receipt, they accept all responsibility and any possible fines. The Service Provider bears no responsibility.

How is an official invoice received after purchase?

When selecting a sticker, check the box indicating an invoice is required and then enter an invoicing address. By clicking on the link that appears after successful purchase the invoice can be viewed and printed. An email will be received later to allow invoice viewing or printing. Only a printed invoice is valid.

How long will I not be fined, what should I do if I drive onto a motorway by mistake?

If you have driven onto the toll road network by mistake, you have a maximum of 60 minutes from the moment you drive onto the toll road to buy your toll entitlement. Don't forget to buy a sticker - even a weekly (10-day) sticker purchase can save you a significant surcharge.

Why did I get a penalty?

The most common reason for a penalty is a missing sticker, i.e. driving on a toll road for which you are not entitled to use. In addition to missing stickers, the most common offences are registration plate misprints, using the road outside the period of validity, incorrect vehicle tariff category and incorrect registration plate.

I have been penalised, how can I ask for information, complain?

In case of problems with toll sticker surcharges, penalties, road use and sticker administration (e.g.: overwriting, number plate replacement, windscreen replacement, lost card), please contact the National Toll Payment Service Ltd.

The customer service telephone number of the NÚSZ Zrt. is +36-36-587-500 and is available 24 hours a day. Before making a complaint, it is advisable to check the details of the surcharge against the confirmation and the ticket you received when you bought the toll sticker.

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