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European Highway Toll Rates in 2024

During road trips, it is essential to plan the route and familiarize ourselves with toll fees in the countries we will be passing through, ensuring a stress- and penalty-free journey. Therefore, we have gathered information on most of Europe's toll highways and their fees! 


2024 Highway Toll Rates in Europe  

The data in the following table includes toll rates for vehicles weighing less than 3.5 tons on European highways. This makes it easier to understand the toll fees for highway usage in different countries, and we can even purchase road entitlements before our journey. 


Motorway vignette prices


Sticker system + section fee

1 day: 860€
10 days: 11,50€
2 months: 28,90€
Yearly: 96,40€


Sticker system

Weekend: 9 BGN
Weekly: 13 BGN
Monthly: 27 BGN
Quarterly: 48 BGN
Yearly: 87 BGN

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Gate system

Sarajevo – Tarčin: 2,51 BAM
Sarajevo – Lepenica: 1,2 BAM
Lepenica – Tarčin: 1,2 BA
Zenica – Sarajevo: 6 BAM
Medjugorje – Ljubušky: 1,2 BAM

A 20% discount electronic toll card (39 BAM) is available, which also allows automatic payment without stopping.
Detailed tolls in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Czech Republic

Sticker system

10 days: 310 CZK
Monthly: 440 CZK
Yearly: 1500 CZK

Will change from 1 March 2024:
10 days:CZK 270 (€11), for hybrid vehicles with emissions up to 50 g/km - CZK 60 (€3),
30-day sticker - CZK 430 (€18), for hybrid vehicles with emissions up to 50 g/km - CZK 100 (€4),
annual sticker - CZK 2,300 (€94), for hybrid vehicles up to 50 g/km - CZK 570 (€23),
1-day sticker - CZK 200 (€8,16),
Battery electric vehicles are exempt from the toll sticker.


Gate system

A1, A26: Paris - Calais 288 km: 24,30 €
A4: Paris - Strasbourg 488 km: 42,70 €
A6, A7: Paris - Marseille - 773 km: 66,10 €
A6, A7, A36: Strasbourg - Montpellier - 792 km: 64,30 €
A10: Paris - Bordeaux - 583 km: € 59,10

French road toll calculator

🇭🇷 Croatia

Gate system

A1, A6, A10 Zagreb-Split- Fiume (Rijeka)- Čarapine: 0,90€-30,70€
A3, A5 Zagreb-Lipovac, Osijek-Svilaj: 1,50€-16,90€
A4 Zagreb- Goričan: 1,30€-5,80€
A11 Zagreb- Sisak: 0,60€-1,30€
A3 Bregana: 0,90€
A7 Rupa: 1€

Detailed Croatian motorway prices


Gate system

A1 highway- Rusocin - Nowa Wieś section calculator
A2 - Konin – Świecko section (except the section between Poznań West and Poznań East) calculator
A4- Krakow - Katowice section calculator


Free for cars
More information


Sticker system

Weekly (10 days): HUF 6 400
Monthly: 10 360 Ft
Yearly national: 57 260 Ft
Annual fee for a castle: 6 660 Ft


Gate system
Italian motorway toll calculator


Electronic toll system

Weekly: 3€
Monthly: 7€
3 monthly: 13€
Yearly: 28€


Gate system

AP-6 Villalba-Adanero 16,60€
AP-51 Villacastín- Ávila 9,40€-11€
AP-61 San Rafael- Segovia 5,25€-8€
AP-68 Bilbao- Logroño- Zaragoza 37,25€
AP-71 León- Astorga 5,75€
C-32 Castelldefes- El Vendrell 12,86€


Sticker system

There is only an annual sticker, the price is CHF 40
(+2 toll tunnel)


Gate system

Dimitrovgrad - Subotica (from Bulgaria to Hungary): 2 240 RSD
Dimitrovgrad - Šid (from Bulgaria to Croatia): 1 960 RSD
Dimitrovgrad - Belgrade (from Bulgaria to Belgrade): 1 510 RSD
Belgrade - Šid (from Belgrade to Croatia): RSD 450
Belgrade - Subotica (from Belgrade to Hungary): RSD 730
Belgrade - Novi Sad: 290 RSD


Electronic fee system

10 days: €12
Monthly: 17€
Annual: 60€
365 days: 60€


Sticker system

Weekly: 16€
Monthly: 32€
Annual: 117,50€


There are no toll roads.


Hungarian Highway Vignette  

The use of Hungarian highways is also subject to tolls. Hungary has an electronic toll system, requiring the purchase of a highway vignette before entering the toll section. To avoid penalties, we recommend purchasing your Hungarian e-vignette before your trip. You can easily do this online with just a few clicks on the website, choosing your preferred start date. 

It is crucial to provide the correct license plate number and the exact start date for validity to ensure road entitlement during your journey. After payment, the system automatically sends the validity confirmation of the vignette to the email address you provided, allowing you to drive comfortably and stress-free on Hungarian roads.