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Everything you need to know about the 2024 Hungarian highway vignette

On Hungarian highways, 2024 will bring a number of changes that drivers should prepare for. Prices will rise, coach fares will change and the one-day highway vignette will be introduced. Get ready to drive seamlessly next year too! In this article we cover all the important changes affecting Hungarian highways.  


What prices to expect on Hungarian highways in 2024? 

Unfortunately, next year, drivers in Hungary will have to expect another increase in the price of vignettes, which will rise by 18% on average in 2024. Gross prices, inclusive of VAT, will be as follows:   

E-vignette toll category National County
  Weekly Monthly Annual Annual
D1M 3 200 HUF 5 180 HUF 57 260 HUF 6 660 HUF
D1 6 400 HUF
10 360 HUF
57 260 HUF
6 660 HUF
D2 9 310 HUF 14 670 HUF
81 280 HUF
13 330 HUF
B2 20 640 HUF
29 270 HUF
U 6 400 HUF
10 360 HUF
57 260 HUF
6 660 HUF

The table also shows that from 1st February 2024, the toll payment system for coaches will change. Next year, coaches will no longer be eligible for annual e-vignettes, and will be able to use a kilometre-based, pay-per-use toll system on Hungary's highways, expressways and main roads.


One-day vignette soon

The one-day highway vignette is not yet due in January, but will be available in Hungary from March, and is expected to cost HUF 5,150 for the D1 category. This type of vignette may be useful for transit passengers or if you have driven onto a toll road by mistake and would like to buy a vignette to avoid a fine.