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Guide to Using Highways in Hungary

When traveling it is crucial to familiarize yourself with the traffic rules, highways, toll system, and know what to do in case of any issues in the destination country. Hungary with its stunning natural features, architecture, and resorts is a popular destination among tourists. If you are planning a road trip to the Hungarian lowlands this guide can be helpful. 

Using the country's highways provides a convenient and efficient way to explore the sights of Hungary. The Hungarian highways are toll roads, so it is important to learn about the payment methods to avoid penalties. 


Stickers (Vignettes): 

The use of highways in Hungary requires the purchase of motorway vignettes, which can be obtained at fuel stations located at the country's borders, as well as through the website and mobile application. There are four types of vignettes to choose from: 10-day, monthly, yearly, and county-specific. It is important to select the appropriate vehicle type. 

Toll Payment: 

By purchasing a vignette, you pay for the usage of highways. During the specified period you can use the highways within Hungary without any additional charges (county-specific vignettes are an exception as they are valid only in the designated region). Payment can be made at fuel stations located at the borders and also online using a credit card without registration. 

Speed Limits: 

Under good weather conditions, the general speed limit on Hungarian highways is 130 km/h. However, it is important to consider possible changes and speed limit signs on certain sections. Since the beginning of May, there have been changes to the speed limit rules. It is crucial to pay extra attention and adhere to the speed limits to avoid penalties. 

Exits and Rest Areas: 

Along the highways, you will find regular exits where rest areas and toilets are available. These are typically indicated by signs located approximately 1000 meters before the exit. 

Road Signs: 

Signs and markers on the highways assist with navigation. The names of cities and major routes are usually displayed in Hungarian, but important information can also be found on signs in English. 

Roadside Assistance: 

In case of a breakdown, activate your hazard lights when using the emergency lane. Only leave the vehicle after careful consideration and put on your high-visibility vest, usually found in the car trunk. Afterward, place the warning triangle in a visible location. For any problems, seek assistance at the nearest orange emergency call column. In serious cases, dial the emergency number 112.