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How have the prices of the Hungarian highway vignettes for 2023 changed?

Hungary's highways are filled with drivers during the summer vacations, so it is worth using the motorways. Most of the Hungarian motorways are toll roads, so we recommend purchasing the road usage vignette to avoid penalties. 

The Hungarian motorways operate on a time-based vignette system, and the prices for the 2023 highway vignettes can be obtained within the following categories: 


  National  County
E-vignette price category   Weekly  Monthly  Yearly  
D1 19,74 € 31,95 € 176,58 € 20,53 €
D2 28,72 € 45,23 € 250,67 € 41,10 €
B2 63,65 € 90,28 € 821,51 € 82,17 €
D1m 9,87 € 15,97 € 176,85 € 20,53 €
U 19,74 € 31,95 € 176,58 € 50,53 €

It is crucial to correctly select the vehicle type because choosing the wrong vignette type can still result in penalties. 


Why was I fined if I had a valid vignette? 

The most common mistake that occurs during the purchase is providing incorrect information, so it is important to double-check the selected category, license plate, and vignette type. If there is an error in the license plate during the purchase, it is possible to make corrections at the offices of NÚSZ Plc. for an administrative fee of up to 1,470 forints, allowing a maximum of 3-character deviation. 

It is important to provide the correct email address during the purchase because the confirmation email regarding the purchase will be sent to that email address. Be sure to wait for the confirmation email as it ensures that your purchase was successful and your vehicle details have been entered into the system. This registration process usually takes place within a few minutes after the purchase, but if you haven't received the confirmation email, please check your spam or promotions folder or contact our customer service at +36 (36) 587-500. 


Penalties and surcharges 

Following the unauthorized use of the motorway, penalties vary by vehicle category and surcharges. For categories D1/D2, if payment is made within 60 days, a fine of 18,750 forints must be paid. However, if the payment exceeds 60 days, this amount significantly increases to 74,970 forints. For category B2, the basic surcharge is 84,330 forints, and if the payment exceeds 60 days, it can be as high as 337,290 forints. For foreign license plate vehicles, NÚSZ Plc.. collects the amount of the fines through its foreign partner offices, which can also incur additional costs due to data retrieval, postal, administrative, and communication expenses. Due to the magnitude of the penalties, it is particularly important to have a valid vignette before driving on the motorways! 

If you accidentally enter any of the motorways, you have the opportunity to purchase the motorway vignette within 60 minutes of entry, or after receiving a payment request, you can also obtain the annual motorway vignette to replace the imposed surcharge.