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Weekend truck stop on Hungarian motorways

During travels in the increased traffic trucks can hinder progress which is why like in many European countries Hungary has implemented a so-called truck ban. This restriction is typically longer in the summer due to the increased truck traffic. This is not only because of the environmental damage caused by heavy traffic but also the wear and tear on the roads. It helps reduce car traffic, noise, and contributes to a decrease in accidents. 


Which vehicles are affected by the restriction? 

Based on a Hungarian governmental decree, the truck ban applies to the following vehicles: "all Hungarian or foreign authority-labeled trucks, tractors, agricultural tractors, slow vehicles, and combinations of these vehicles with trailers, which exceed a total permitted weight of 7.5 tons." 

However, the restriction does not apply to trucks with the following cargo: trucks with EURO 3 environmental classification, those carrying live animals, fresh dairy products, meat, fresh bakery products, perishable food, vegetables, and fruit. Also exempt are trucks involved in disaster relief and prevention, municipal tasks, vehicles of various state organizations, law enforcement agencies, as well as cargo serving the equipment of cultural, economic, and sports events. 


Make the Most of the Weekend Truck Stop on the Motorway! 

Weekends provide an excellent opportunity for a restful and experience-filled break, and the good news is that trucks won't hinder your progress. To avoid trucks altogether, take advantage of the motorway's convenience. 


Don't Forget to Purchase Your Motorway Vignette! 

Hungary has toll motorways, so don't forget to purchase your road usage permit to avoid fines. You can buy your Hungarian motorway vignette online at or at physical locations along motorways and at border crossings. However, to ensure you avoid penalties and errors in entering your license plate number, we recommend purchasing your Hungarian motorway vignette online, in as little as 2 minutes.