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What happens on Hungarian highways in spring?

With the arrival of the warmer season, not only nature undergoes changes but also Hungarian traffic. Good weather brings the desire to travel, so more people set out to explore the country. Therefore, it is important to be prepared before setting off. Let's see the important information that may affect our travels. 


Increased highway traffic 

It's not just the good weather that brings the travel enthusiasm of Hungarians, but also a series of long weekends. In March, there are two long weekends to expect, the first starting on March 15th, and the other lasting from March 29th to April 1st. On these days, increased traffic can be expected on both toll and toll-free expressways. 


Hungarian highway renovations and expansions 

Massive road renovations continue on Hungarian roads in spring, affecting several highways, so closures or traffic jams are to be expected. To avoid traffic jams, it is advisable to plan your route before departure and take into account the increased travel time. 


Hungarian one-day highway vignette 

As a result of a European Union regulation, Hungary is also introducing the one-day highway vignette this spring. According to the latest information, the daily vignette is valid from the time of purchase or from 0:00 to 24:00 on the selected day, granting road usage rights for that calendar day. 


Easier with e-vignette! 

If you are traveling to or through Hungary during the spring season, we recommend purchasing your highway vignette online. The advantage of the e-vignette is that it can be purchased without queuing, you can check the validity period at any time, and you can enter the data yourself. You can also purchase it for a pre-selected time, ensuring you have a valid vignette for your journey.