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Six-month sticker

Combined monthly (6-month, 5-month, 4- month, 3-month or 2-month) stickers offer the convenience of the annual stickers for mid-year customers. This sticker actually means ordering a sticker for 6 months, 5 months, 4 months, 3 months, or 2 months in combination. In addition to being convenient, this unique solution is also cost-effective as in addition to a 6-month authorization, it also offers and extra 4–6-day eligibility, and only a certain part of the 1-month convenience fee is charged. It is important to note that the receipt for the combined monthly stickers include a 6-month, 5-month, 4- month, 3-month or 2-month sticker identifier.

When buying a combined sticker, carefully CHECK THE VEHICLE REGISTRATION NUMBER since correction of the vehicle registration number or transfer the vehicle registration number will have costs, e.g. for all the 6-month, 5-month, 4- month, 3-month or 2-month stickers. (The transfer fee is: HUF 1470 per sticker and character). The multiple transfer fees apply to transfer due to vehicle sale or purchase.

In addition, pay special attention to the BEGINNING DATE and the CLOSING DATE OF VALIDITY when buying a combined sticker.

If a Customer enters a toll road without a valid receipt, they accept all responsibility and any possible fines. The Service Provider bears no responsibility.

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