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The one-day Hungarian highway vignette is coming!

In compliance with EU regulations, Hungary will also introduce the one-day highway vignette from March 2024. The prices for next year's vignettes have already been announced, so if you frequently travel through or to Hungary, it's always advisable to be well-prepared! 

The prices for the 2024 Hungarian highway vignettes have increased following inflation. Therefore, the cost of the one-day vignette in category D1 will be HUF 5,150, and it will be implemented from March 1, 2024. 


Validity Period 

Compared to the validity period of existing vignettes, the one-day duration differs. While annual, monthly, county-specific, and weekly (10-day) vignettes expire at the 24th hour on the expiration day, the one-day vignette will be valid for a continuous 24 hours. 

It is crucial to pay attention to the validity period, as it is easy to inadvertently exceed the timeframe, resulting in penalties. This can be avoided when purchasing the e-vignette online, as the system will send timely notifications about the expiration of the vignette. 


Excursions in Hungary 

The one-day vignette is an ideal choice for transit travelers, suitable for occasional trips or as a supplement for journeys lasting more than 10 days in addition to the weekly vignette. It can also serve as a solution if one accidentally enters a toll road since purchasing it within 60 minutes can help avoid penalties.