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Changes in Hungarian Motorway Sticker System in 2024

The use of motorways in Hungary is subject to tolls, and with the arrival of the new year, several changes have been introduced. Therefore, we have gathered all the important information about Hungarian motorway usage to ensure your travels are stress-free and penalty-free! 


Expansion of the Toll Roads List 

The existing toll road sections have been expanded with additional segments, meaning that the county sticker is now available for two more counties. Be sure to purchase your motorway sticker before your journey to avoid penalties due to the new toll road sections. 


Hungarian Motorway Sticker Prices in 2024 

Along with the expansion of toll roads, the prices for motorway stickers have increased. For vehicles in category D1, which includes passenger cars, the annual sticker costs HUF 57,260, county sticker HUF 6,660, monthly HUF 10,360, weekly (10 days) HUF 6,400, and the one-day vignette arriving on March 1st will be HUF 5,550. 

The B2 category, providing road usage authorization for buses, will be discontinued on January 31, 2024. From February onwards, they will also need to pay an usage-based toll, similar to freight vehicles. 


Ensure You Have Your Sticker! 

In addition to the sticker prices, fines have also increased. Therefore, it is crucial to secure your motorway sticker before your journey. The easiest way to do this is through the website, with a pre-selected start date, ensuring that you will have road usage authorization throughout your travels.